Having a fully functional and maintained website

Having a fully functional and maintained website is vital for any business. People spend enough time designing, building, and then filling the websites with compelling content to ensure everything is perfect. It’s not enough that your site is good for now. Maintaining and updating it regularly is also critical. Unfortunately, this happens too often that website agencies build websites and abandon them with no support. Sometimes, the website owners do not urge for maintenance and support as they think their dream site will continue to function optimally. Just like your fitness, the health of a website can fall apart if you go too long without a regular checkup.

There are around 1.7 billion websites on the internet and the number is growing constantly. Out of these, just 200 million are active. A large portion of these sites lacks regular supports and updates. In a survey, 57% of people found themselves unsatisfied with the speed and other issues of most websites, while 38% said that they stop engaging with the websites on which speed and layout issues are found.

What is website maintenance

Website maintenance is the process of regular checks on your website to find issues and errors, and keeping it relevant and updated. Maintenance is not a one-time task, it should be on a regular basis to ensure the good health of the website, to attract a pool of traffic, and to improve the search engine ranking. It is the key to engage and retain customers.

Why it is important

Internet is changing fast; hackers are getting smarter and your Content Management System requires updates often. It is hard to keep up with all changes without professional support. Keeping your website properly maintained and supported is the backbone of your business success. A beautiful site won’t survive for longer if not properly protected and maintained.

Maintenance and support provide significant gains. For instance, we all know that security is a priority. Any breach can cost you high. Apart from the revenue, you will lose your authority as well as the trust of your customers. Regular updates and maintenance prevent hacking attacks. Also, small and regular fixes save your time and money than full overhauls. Google de-rank the websites in its search results which are found with any virus or security threat. Failure to update or fix small problems can also impact the website’s performance. Updates and regular maintenance keep the performance of your website optimal. Fast speed is critical for better user experience and to keep the bounce rate low for your website.

Costs associated with no support for a business website

There are many risks involved in not having your websites maintained regularly. Your identity can be stolen easily. Lacking the updates make the websites vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It is far more crucial for the website which involves transactions. For instance, the eCommerce stores can lose their customer’s credit card data in the hands of phishers. It can be devastating for your business. Also, your confidential or premium business information can be stolen from your websites.

What you can do

Of course, constantly looking for site improvement needs a lot of attention, time, and skills. improving your site takes a lot of attention. It is difficult to run the business, and at the same time ensure everything is going smoothly on the website. Approaching the right website support company, like Chic Web inc., can help you with all these tasks. In addition to the regular troubleshooting and optimization, we are there to help when anything goes wrong abruptly.

In conclusion, a good site takes constant attention. It is a huge work but absolutely worth it. Don’t let the maintenance issue drag your business down. Get in touch with us who can properly maintain your website while you can engage your customers without any worry.