Web development and hosting

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Chic Web inc. offers all the services necessary for your web presence. Our experts have more than 18 years of experience in development and web hosting.”]
[maxhost_shortcodes_iconic_features_six icon=”cloud-upload” title=”Development” text=”Our programming expertise will please you. We can develop tailor-made, in different languages and according to your deadlines.” active=”false”][maxhost_shortcodes_iconic_features_six icon=”user” title=”Ease” text=”Our user interfaces are simple, efficient and allow you to access all your services in one place.”]
[maxhost_shortcodes_iconic_features_six icon=”speedometer ” title=”Web hosting” text=”Our hosting service is reliable and stable. Using CPanel as an interface, you will have everything on hand for your needs.”][maxhost_shortcodes_iconic_features_six icon=”reload ” title=”Safe and reliable” text=”All communications with our servers are under SSL. Our services are efficient, reliable and stable. Our team is waiting for you.”]
[maxhost_shortcodes_iconic_features_six icon=”pencil” title=”Services Marketing” text=”Whether you need a design, a presence on social networks or a redesign, we are at your disposal.”][maxhost_shortcodes_iconic_features_six icon=”call-in” title=”Quality of support” text=”Our clientele is important to us. That’s why our support and customer support is courteous, patient and dedicated to your satisfaction.”]
[maxhost_features_block_seven image_one=”313″ heading1=”Free tools” text=”Each web hosting package includes free tools installable through a simple and user-friendly interface.” price_title=”From” price=”6,99$” price_duration=”/mo” button_label=”Order Now” button_url=”/billing/cart.php?gid=1″ image_two=”314″ heading2=”Web Hosting” text2=”Our web hosting is a powerful and stable service. Our servers are kept up to date in a constant way.” price_title2=”From” price2=”6,99$” price_duration2=”/mo” button_label2=”Order Now” button_url2=”/billing/cart.php?gid=1″ features_one=”Wordpress
PHPbb” features_two=”CPanel panel
Linux servers
Apache, PHP, MySQL
99,9% online
Help and support”]
[maxhost_shortcodes_title_nine heading1=”Choose” heading2=”your package” text=”We offer web hosting packages for all awards. Whether for a small site of a few pages to a complex structure including several databases.”]
[maxhost_shortcodes_pricing_four plane_name=”Shared Hosting” price=”6,99$” duration=”PER MONTH” button_text=”Order Now” button_url=”/hebergement-web” features=”1 GO space disk
10 GO Bandwidth
cPanel panel
Unlimited FTP access
5 emails
1 mysql
24/7 Support”]
[maxhost_shortcodes_pricing_four plane_name=”Resellers account” price=”70,00$” duration=”PER MONTH” button_text=”Order Now” button_url=”/contactez-chic-web-inc” features=”Unlimited projects
Support 24/7
Your own control panel
We stay invisibile”]
[maxhost_shortcodes_pricing_four plane_name=”Dedicated Servers” price=”120,00$” duration=”PER MONTH” button_text=”Order Now” button_url=”/contactez-chic-web-inc” features=”Multiple servers available
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Emails
Unlimited Domains
Full control
Support 24/7″]
[maxhost_call_to_action text=”Our free line allows you to be in constant contact with one of our representatives.” heading1_1st=”Customer support” heading1_2nd=”24/7″ heading2=”You will never be left alone again” button_label=”Call us now” button_url=”/contactez-chic-web-inc”]
[maxhost_shortcodes_title_nine heading1=”Web” heading2=”Development” text=”Thanks to our 18 years of experience in web development, our programming service is at the cutting edge of technology. Let us provide you with the resources you need for your projects.”]
[maxhost_shortcode_content_with_bullets text=”Our web programming service is the most popular. Let our team add value to your resources.” section_style=”listitems” heading1=”Subcontracting” bullets=”Custom development
Close collaboration with an existing team
Full project support
18 years of experience
Several languages offered.” button_label=”Read more” button_url=”/programmation-en-sous-traitance/”]
[maxhost_shortcode_content_with_bullets text=”We develop modules for several systems. Your needs are met by using common tools.” section_style=”listitems” heading1=”Modules development” bullets=”Wordpress
Facebook App.
Many more…” button_label=”Read more” button_url=”/developpement-de-modules/”]
[maxhost_shortcode_content_with_bullets text=”Our developers are waiting for you to discuss your needs with you and develop the perfect solution for your project or company.” section_style=”listitems” heading1=”Custom development” bullets=”Custom platform
Bank of hours available
Support included
Several programming languages” button_label=”Contact us” button_url=”/contactez-chic-web-inc”]
[maxhost_shortcode_content_with_bullets text=”Our expertise allows us to work with most existing frameworks.” section_style=”listitems” heading1=”Framework” bullets=”Symfony
And many more” button_label=”Contact Us” button_url=”/contactez-chic-web-inc”]
[maxhost_features_block_six image_one=”292″ heading1=”GET YOUR WEB SITE” heading2_2nd=”TODAY” heading2_3rd=”with” heading3=”The best resources on the web” text=”Our team is waiting for you to discuss with you your web needs. Our expertise will propel your presence and increase your sales significantly.” button_label=”Contact Us” button_url=”/contactez-chic-web-inc”]
[maxhost_clients_block_one heading1=”See some of” heading2=”OUR PRECIOUS CUSTOMERS” image_seven=”43″ image_one=”1018″ image_two=”1013″ image_three=”1028″ image_four=”1032″ image_five=”1022″ image_six=”1068″]