Serge Leonard


Technology always been a part of my life. I remember my father coding while I was looking at him, trying to understand evey single line of code. The first computer we had was a commodore that we named “Coco”. It was the start of my addiction.

From Microsoft Basic and QBasic, I learned, later, ColdFusion, HTML, CSS, PHP and Python. When I first started as a technical support for a service provider, it opened my eyes. Communicating worldwide, even with a 56k at the time, was so unbelievable for me. Web coding was a revelation. I then understood what could be the future of technology. I started Quebec Internet Creation.

  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Coldfusion, HTML/CSS, PHP, Python.
  • Multiple Certificates (System Administration from Google, Entrepreneurship from Comission Scolaire de l’Énergie).
  • A passion for technologies and the web.
  • An entire life dedicated to this passion.

Chic Web inc. is now in it’s growth phase. I have a vision of remote workers all over the world all working together to provide the best service possible. In this new age of technology, let me show you what we can do for you.


Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1980, I always had a passion for technology.

My first step with technology was developing in Basica (Microsoft Basic) in my childhood. I learned QBasic as a teenager.

Professional Life:

At 17 years old, I started working for an internet service provider and learned about system administration, web and the web industry.

Learning my first real language: Coldfusion, I then knew the Internet would be greater than it was. I decided to start his own web development business in 2000 named: Quebec Internet Creation.



Web Development




System Administration


I have developed multiple project in the past. A portal and internet radio: UndeRadio, a book blog known worldwide and Chic Web inc, a global business providing the best web services available.

"I have sough M. Leonard services lately. His profesionalism, fast work and knowledge confirmed to me that I was at the right place. I recommend, without hesitation M. Leonard for all your website needs" - Sonia Bouchard*

* translated by Serge Leonard

Please contact us to discuss with one of the representative I've added to my team. They will be able to see, with you, which services would fit your business the best. You can always contact me directly if you have any questions, I will be please to talk with you.